Untied States

I like to believe I have a firm grasp of my identity. Yet, given the context of vast historical shifts within my lifetime, the clashing of cultures that form my understanding of the world, and the divergent environments within and between which I move, it is, truthfully, more a grouping of evolving notions than one static definition.

This constant changing, fracturing, and reintegrating is reflected my in newest work. I have taken two different art forms that, during my childhood, remained on the periphery of my awareness of art and yet made a distinct, enduring impression: the traditional Asian mother of pearl inlay lacquer works, and the truly Floridian style of cypress wood folk art. The process of fusing these two different techniques and then incorporating pop culture images from sci-fi films, comics, and television that have burned themselves indelibly into my consciousness mirrors my own complex and ever-changing negotiations of personal and social identities interlaced with different temporalities and geographies.


Media: Mother of Pearl on folding cypress panels
Size: 66 x 66 inches
Year: 2015
Price: $10,000
Availability: Inquire

Media: Mother of Pearl on bleached cedar slab
Size: 38 x 10.5 inches
Year: 2015
Price: $3,000
Availability: Inquire