Located in Denver, Colorado, Black Book Gallery is one of the area’s most active and varied contemporary art hubs. Co-founders Tom Horne and Will Suitts founded Black Book Gallery in 2010. Black Book Gallery firmly believes that the artist is just as import as the work, demonstrating a clear respect and commitment to the creative process. This belief allows the artist to have complete creative freedom from show inception to installation and beyond.

In addition to cultivating strong relationships with artists, Black Book Gallery is passionate about helping individuals and institutions who are interested in expanding their collections. Please inquire about licensing, installations and commissions from featured artists.

About Tom Horne and Will Suitts
Horne began curating shows in 2007; his first show “Run to the Hills” featured major New York street artists including Bast, Aiko, Elbow Toe and Skewville. In 2008, Horne received the opportunity to work with Yosi Sergant and Shepard Fairey to produce “Manifest Hope” during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, an unprecedented collaborative event for Denver. Manifest Hope is widely recognized as a major catalyst in encouraging further local, creative participation and appreciation for urban art in the Denver market. Will Suitts came from a foundation in formal art education, but his primary interest was applying his education toward the business side of art. With an education in design, Suitts grew into helping artists market themselves through online representation.